Teaching lies at the core of my future academic goals. My teaching philosophy balances providing a strong foundation of conceptual understanding and critical thinking, while practicing a pedagogy of kindness. A pedagogy of kindness asserts that kindness, empathy, and compassion are critical values for teachers to hold when forming meaningful learning relationships with students. I strive to incorporate these values into my teaching practices, and I believe this is an effective strategy to help students learn and retain information relevant to their education and future career objectives. I have included a list of courses that I have taught below.

University of Toronto Mississauga

BIO342: Evolutionary Biology (2021)

This course offered an introduction to the concepts and importance of evolutionary biology. The course focused on how genetic variation arises and is maintained, mechanisms of evolutionary change and how these mechanisms lead to adaptation, sexual selection, speciation and co-evolution. Throughout the course we considered how fossils, experiments, genetics and molecular systematics can be used to understand evolution.