Talks and media interviews

Each year, I aim to present my research at national and international conferences. This is a great opportunity not only to share my findings, but also to network, meet new and old colleagues, and learn about all the cool science being done in the field. A few of my talks have been recorded, and I’m sharing them here. I’m also including some media appearances I’ve made over the year, because effective science communication is essential for any scientist, no matter what field.

For a complete list of talks, poster presentations, and media appearances, check out my CV.


Rivkin LR. 2020. The effects of urbanization on the ecology and evolution of species interactions. Doctoral Excellence Award Talk. Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. Virtual.

Rivkin LR, AL Case, CM Caruso. 2014. Mechanisms of frequency dependent fitness in gynodioecious Lobelia siphilitica. Evolution. Raleigh, NC. Filmed

Media Interviews

Ruth Rivkin wins Excellence in PhD Research Award. U of T Celebrates. 2020

Why house sparrows can eat starch: the evolution of city wildlife. The Environment Report. Michigan NPR Radio. 2018.